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Dental Emergencies in Pittsford

Fast & Effective Dental Care When You Need It Most in Rochester & Monroe County

If you are dealing with a dental emergency such as a broken tooth or lost crown, prompt treatment is essential. At Sanger Dental at the Basin, we offer emergency dental treatment for patients in, but not limited, to Pittsford, Rochester, and Monroe County to help alleviate the pain and protect or restore your oral health.

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Types of Dental Emergencies We Treat

Occasional tooth pain or discomfort from time to time may not necessitate an emergency dental appointment, but if you are experiencing severe pain or trauma, give us a call immediately. If damaged teeth are not treated right away, more severe problems can develop. Without treatment, the pain associated with dental emergencies will only get worse and your oral health could be at risk.

Some of the many dental emergencies we can treat include:

  • Tooth knocked out: If a tooth is knocked out, call our office for care first. You should then immediately pick up the tooth and rinse it without touching the root. If you can, put the tooth back in your mouth or put it into a cup of water for safekeeping until your appointment.
  • Lost crown/filling: A crown or filling can come out as a result of eating or physical damage. If yours has fallen out, try to keep it in a safe place until you can come in to see a dentist. The sooner you see a dentist for replacement, the better.
  • Cracked/broken teeth: Teeth are strong but can still be damaged by trauma, biting, or grinding. If your tooth has been broken or fractured in any way, call our office right away. Rinse the tooth and mouth thoroughly. You may also use a topical pain reliever or apply a damp cloth for relief.
  • Dislodged/loose teeth: If a tooth becomes loose for any reason, there is a chance that we can save it. It is important to call our office – and in the meantime, try to avoid moving or touching the tooth at all.

The sooner you call Sanger Dental at the Basin for emergency dental treatment in Pittsford, the better. We are happy to assist you with any serious dental emergency you experience.

Call us now at (585) 299-5495 if you need an emergency appointment.